Sunday, June 2, 2013

Poison Princess by Kresley Cole: Review


My feelings about this book are so mixed.

1. The story was absolutely fantastic. So interesting and unique.
2. The Arcana mythology. The whole mythology about the cards and the people was great. It really made the book for me.
3. The writing was fluid and kept the story going. There was something really awesome about it.
4. All of the characters besides Evie and Jack were great. Matthew was adorable, Finn was hilarious, and Selena was badass, although a bit impulsive.

1. Evie. She was so stupid! All of this stuff is happening to her, and she thinks she's just having hallucinations. She never comes to the conclusion that maybe she's not crazy and her visions mean something?
2. Jack. He may have been hot in appearance, but NOT with personality. He is such an arrogant ass. He repeatedly calls Evie selfish and self-centered, but has he ever looked in a mirror? Gosh.

Overall, a decent read. If the main characters had been different, this book would have been perfect.

CONTENT: Kissing, one kissing scene that almost led to sex, and various innuendoes. Swearing was very heavy, and so was violence.

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