Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Terminal (Tunnels #6) by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams: Review



The end to end all ends: The epic finale to the NEW YORK TIMES bestselling TUNNELS series!

Total Termination of the English: The Styx and their lethal cohorts of Armagi will settle for nothing less. Not even the mighty US military is strong enough to stop the assault!

Will and Elliott flee back underground, down to the innards of the Earth first mapped in DEEPER and FREEFALL. With the support of a small team that survived the plague of New Germania, they discover a secret at the site of the three core pyramids. A secret that may explain not only where the Styx came from, but the human race, too. Can Elliott, with her mixed blood, unlock the clues before Earth itself spins out of orbit?

All the many threads of the prior TUNNELS books come together in this epic conclusion!


Mr. Gordon,

I am a loyal follower of the Tunnels series since book 1 was released. I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of each book, and even ordered the UK editions when I could so I didn't have to wait for them to be released in the US. This is what I did for Terminal, the sixth book in the series.

When I received the book, I was wary to start it at first. Well, how can I not be after everything you have put the characters through?

So, overcoming my fear, I started the book. AND I LOVED IT! It just blew me away. It took so many twists and turns that I never saw coming (which is very rare for me. I can usually predict what is going to happen). It was intense, and heartbreaking, and even a little disturbing; everything I expect out of a TUNNELS book.

Then the end came.

I pretty much felt like this.  

It was intense; I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. But then when I finally finished it, and I ws left with so many unanswered questions.

Now, the next section includes major spoilers, so read on if you dare.


 So Will is now turning into a styx, and Elliot is trapped in the center of the earth. This greatly upset me. After all they've gone through, would it kill you to give them a happy ending? I have ben rooting for them since DEEPER, and I was greatly disappointed to not see them together. Will Elliot ever get out of the center of the earth? Will she and Will ever get together?

Also, there is the matter of Werner, Jurgen, and Karl. They were left in the center of the earth when Elliot and Will left through the tower to go topsoil, and were never heard from again. What happened to them? Were they killed when all of the styx were transported to the center of the earth? Or did they hide and are still alive?

And, finally, I have numerous questions about the earth. Where did it come from, and where is it going? How will all of the humans survive? Will the atmosphere be destroyed? I MUST KNOW! THESE QUESTIONS ARE KILLING ME!


To conclude, I highly suggest that you write a seventh book. There are too many unanswered questions for me to be satisfied with this ending. I still loved it despite the ending, but I would really appreciate another book. Or a spinoff series. Or even a novella. Anything to get these questions answered. Pretty please? That would make me very happy.



CONTENT: Nothing worse than the other books in the series.

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